How to Use Sesame Oil for Skin Lightening – 5 DIY Recipes

sesame oil for skin lightening

Extracted from sesame seeds, remarkable nutrients in sesame oil are discussed by Ancient Indians. In this article you’ll read benefits of sesame oil for skin lightening. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, E and fatty acids, sesame oil is prominent in Ayurveda. Topical application will help to fight free radicals, to get rid of dry skin, […]

Sesame Oil for Stretch Marks

sesame oil for stretch marks

Few things can’t be prevented in our lives, stretch marks are common and occur when your gain or lose weight. Unfortunately, these vertical lines turn silver color and ruin your appearance. Cosmetic creams claim to lighten these marks. But, as they are expensive and chemical included it’s not recommended. Natural remedies like sesame oil for […]

Sesame Oil for Acne and Acne Scars

sesame oil for treating acne

Beauty cream may not go well on your sensitive skin, as they may irritate and cause over dryness. Natural remedies like sesame oil for acne can be your effective weapon in the arsenal to fight blemishes. Along with their hectic college schedule teenagers have to combat blackheads or acne lesions. It is one of the […]