How to Use Olive Oil for Skin Whitening


It’s not another vegetable oil that can be used for culinary purpose. Olive oil benefits are been documented in religious books like The Holy Qur’an and in many ancient books. In this article, you’ll learn how to use olive oil for skin whitening and get rid of hyperpigmentation. Since centuries this oil has been used […]

Turmeric Face Pack for Glowing Skin

turmeric and honey face pack for glowing skin

Asians have been using turmeric for face from centuries. It has got some special importance in marriage ceremonies. Renowned for its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties, as an India first thing strikes me when I get injured is turmeric powder. Women, here in India are known to use turmeric face pack/mask for glowing skin. Mostly Hindus use […]

Aloe Vera for Hyperpigmentation and Skin Whitening

aloe vera for hyperpigmentation

The annoying irregular dark or brown spots on different parts of the body are caused by hyperpigmentation also known as skin pigmentation or hypopigmentation. You might know about melanin, a pigment responsible for your skin color, when this pigment production damages, skin pigmentation disorder affects. Damage to cells that produce melanin may result in excess […]