7 Benefits of Hibiscus for Skin, Skin Lightening and Wrinkles

benefits of hibiscus for skin

It’s really disgusting to apply this flower face mask over the skin due to its sticky nature. But, will you still ignore benefits of hibiscus for skin if I tell you that it is packed with alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants, and exfoliating ability? This ornamental flower is prominent for its exotic vibrant petals and variety of […]

Benefits of Red Sandalwood for Skin – (9 DIY Face Pack Recipes Included)


Also known as Rakta Chandan, red sandalwood powder has cosmetic and medicinal properties. Today, I’ll discuss about benefits of red sandalwood for skin. This natural ingredient is extracted from the heartwood (center of the trunk) of red sandalwood tree. Due to its exceptional properties, you can either consume it mixed with milk or topically apply […]

Kiwi Face Mask for Skin Whitening and Acne – 4 Homemade Recipes

kiwi fruit face mask

Along with intense green color and exotic taste, kiwi fruit is renowned for its exceptional nutritional benefits. Also known as Chinese gooseberry, you can use kiwi fruit for skin whitening. This fruit is brought to New Zealand in 20th century for cultivation. (1) It got its name after kiwi bird. Packed with high nutrients and low […]

Homemade Avocado Face Mask

homemade avocado face mask

Excellent thing about homemade avocado face mask is that you don’t have to change your work schedule, like you do before visiting a spa. Same goes with all natural remedies. What you eat shows on your skin. Having nutritious diet will improve your skin functioning from inside. Whereas, topical face mask like this one will […]

3 DIY Peppermint Face Mask Recipes

peppermint face mask

Calming and numbing effect of peppermint leaves has been used to treat various health and skin ailments. Renowned for its aromatic smell, peppermint is incorporated in various products for flavoring. Before cosmetic products came in existence, women in those days used natural beauty ingredients. These natural remedies were almost became a traditional thing in many […]