Castor Oil for Wrinkles – Is It Good for Eye and Forehead Wrinkles? – 7 Methods

castor oil for wrinkles

As you age, inner layers of the skin shrink and become thinner. Fine lines appear when your skin starts losing elasticity and firmness. Topical application of castor oil for wrinkles, help to retain the lost moisture and makes the skin supple. Unfortunately, many people turn towards expensive beauty creams to fight under eye and forehead […]

How to Use Black Seed Oil for Acne and Acne Scars – 7 Methods

black seed oil for acne

Unsightly appearance of acne is really frustrating and you’re not alone. Official report states that nearly 50 million Americans had acne at least once in their lifetime. Fortunately, you can use black seed oil for acne and fade acne scars. However, the action plan of most people involves pricey chemical peels. Though cosmetic industries claim […]

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin Around Mouth and Lips – 5 Home Remedies

how to get rid of dry skin around mouth

Cold weather, cosmetics, repeated licking of lips, ailments and certain medications are held responsible for dry skin around the mouth. A layer of dry flaky skin appears which may sometimes bleed. It not just ruins your physical appearance but may lead to social isolation. So, how to get rid of dry skin around mouth? Fortunately, […]

How to Use Coconut Water for Skin Whitening – 7 DIY Recipes

coconut water for skin whitening

According to experts, your skin texture is hereditary. However, you can improve to some extent by using home remedies. Here you’ll learn about benefits of coconut water for skin whitening and how to use it. Southern India is extensively renowned for this nut. It’s oil, water, milk, and meat are used for culinary and cosmetic […]

How to Lighten Dark Knuckles and Toes – 9 DIY Recipes

how to lighten dark knuckles on toes and hands

Impurities aren’t the mere cause of dark knuckles; dermatologists hold ailments, dry skin, and obesity for these sinister patches. So, how to lighten dark knuckles on toes and hands? Experts say that scrubbing along can’t help to clear black knuckles. Along with exfoliating, you must pamper hands and feet just like you do for your […]