How to Use Green Tea for Rosacea – 5 DIY Recipes (Included)

green tea to treat rosacea

Herbal remedies are prominent for their nutritional value. You can use green tea for rosacea treatment. Both internal and topical application of this herbal tea will improve your skin texture. High concentration of antioxidants, amino acids, phytochemicals and vitamins residing in green tea are really enticing for beauty lovers. Coming to rosacea, redness on nose, […]

How to Use Horseradish for Melasma – 3 DIY Recipes

horseradish for melasma

Excess sun exposure, cosmetic products, and hormonal changes are few common triggers of melasma. Read on to know to use horseradish for melasma. Known for its pungent and spicy taste, horseradish is a herb used for treating numerous health ailments since ages. Packed with exceptional nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, protein and iron, this herb […]

How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp Without Washing Hair – 5 DIY Recipes

how to get rid of itchy scalp without washing hair

It’s normal to the scratch head while answering or thinking crucial things. But, there are many people who experience persistent itching because of various factors including the dry scalp, skin ailments, and weather. Washing your scalp may seem as an ultimate solution for this problem. But can it restrain itching? No. So, how to get […]

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Lips – 9 DIY Recipes Included

how to get rid of dark spots on lips fast

Vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes, licking lips, excess exposure to sunlight, smoking and certain foods causes dark spots on lips. Pigmented lips ruin your physical appearance and to hide them, most people use chemical incorporated lipsticks, which can irritate your sensitive skin around lips. So, how to get rid of dark spots on lips fast? Luckily, […]

How to Use Flaxseed Oil for Eczema – (DIY Recipe No. 3 is Best)

flaxseed oil for eczema

Itching, scaly patches accompanied by inflammation are common signs of eczema. Here you’ll learn how to use flaxseed oil for eczema. Renowned for its numerous health and cosmetic benefits, flaxseed oil is an abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids. Experts say that alpha-linolenic acid residing in flaxseeds exhibit more anti-inflammatory property than fish oil. Apart […]

25 Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin and Face

coconut oil for yeast infection

Though many health organizations avoid consuming excess coconut oil because of its high saturated fats, topical application of coconut oil has fascinating benefits for skin. While we use pricey creams to soothe our skin, people in tropical regions use this edible oil to save their skin from harmful sun rays. Its application is not confined […]