Use Vitamin E Oil for Skin Lightening

vitamin e oil for skin lightening

Probably you might know about the health and beauty benefits of vitamin E. Even beauty experts recommend topical application of vitamin E oil for skin lightening. However, to reap most benefits from vitamin E oil you must use it with caution. In some cases properties of this oil can irritate your skin and results in […]

Pineapple for Skin Whitening – 3 Simple Ways

pineapple for skin whitening

Being gorgeous is every human’s secret desire and beauty products aren’t the way to achieve them. Instead they can ruin your dream and leave your sensitive skin with fine lines. (1) The reason I choose pineapple for skin whitening is not because of its delicious taste, but due to assorted properties residing in them which […]

Argan Oil for Skin Whitening

argan oil for skin whitening

Skin is the most exposed part of the body; you must pamper it with natural oils. Massage your skin with argan oil for skin whitening. Stay tuned to experience the magical power of this liquid gold. Nature gifted us with lots of natural oils, which can be used for different purposes. In cosmetic world these […]

Licorice for Skin Lightening

licorice for skin lightening

Licorice is prominently used to treat digestive issues, stomach ailments and can be used to flavor foods. Extracts from licorice root can be effective over the skin. In this article I’ll discuss on how licorice for skin lightening works. Not knowing about the ingredients women flock for cosmetic creams. The alluring model shown over the […]

Egg White For Face Whitening

egg white mask for face whitening

My hectic schedule doesn’t allow me to regularly visit spa for skin care. But, pollutants and dead cells are accumulating over my skin making it dry and dark. This is what my friends and colleagues complain when I ask about their dry patches. Most of them time I recommend natural remedies for skin and health […]