Avocado Oil for Dark Circles

avocado oil for dark circles

Few sleepless nights can ruin your appearance. But, just by having good sleep will not remove dark circles completely. People use home remedies to get back their alluring appearance, avocado oil for dark circles is one such try. The joy of having a glimpse of yourself in the mirror vanishes when you spot dark circles […]

How to Get Rid of Dark Knees and Elbows Naturally Fast?

how to get rid of dark knees fast

Having dark and rough elbows and knees is not abnormal. Dead skin cells around elbows and knees absorb less moisture resulting in rough and black skin. Repeatedly moisturizing those areas with natural moisturizer will show you some positive results. Though they don’t accompany with any serious health issue, neglecting can worsen your skin. So how […]

DIY : Cucumber Mask for Skin Lightening

cucumber for skin lightening

Packed with assorted vitamins and minerals cucumbers are used to make pickles, eaten raw and extensively used for cosmetic purpose. Vitamin K, C, B1, manganese, copper, potassium and phosphorous are included in the nutritional profile of cucumber. Though it lacks press attention in terms of health benefits compared to other vegetables, cucumbers are well known […]

How Can I Get Rid Of Hereditary Dark Circles

get rid of hereditray dark circles

After acne, dark circles are common skin condition in many people all over the world. As you know there are many factors causing dark circles which I discussed here, hereditary dark circles are one among them. Dark circles under eyes are closely related to lifestyle. Stress, depression, eating habits and late night sleeps are few […]