Why I See Black Lines on Fingernails?

black lines on fingernails

Your nails are like 20 mini mirrors to your over health. A slight discoloration or a vertical black line on fingernails reveals that you’re unhealthy. Though they’re not associated with any serious condition, in some cases it may trigger pain and ruin your physical appearance. When you dig deep into causes of black or brown […]

25 Interesting Facts About Nails

interesting facts about nails

Though nails are believed to be windows of your health you seldom have hygienic look at them. This simple part of your body is actually a bit complicated and hides many interesting facts beneath it. Are you expecting me to expel all those alluring facts in this single post? Sorry! Am not capable of doing […]

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish at Home?

how to remove shellac nail polish at home

Because of its long lasting results most women love shellac nail polish, but after two weeks when the nail starts growing and affection towards the chemical filled nail polish slowly fades, they start searching nail salons or inquire with friends on how to remove shellac nail polish at home. Few nail salons may have injected […]

Why Are My Fingernails Blue?

Climate has significant impact on your skin. Excess cold may disrupt normal blood circulation in your body resulting in pale or blue fingernails. Pink nails are a sign of healthy and well circulated nails. As mentioned above low blood circulation may turn your pinkish nails to pale blue, another reason according to experts is low […]

How to Use a Cuticle Pusher?

how to use cuticle pusher

Infectious bacteria invade dry cuticles and trigger fungal infection underneath nail plate. Fingernail manicure hydrates your dry cuticles and restrains harmful bacteria. Cuticles are part of your skin that protects nail matrix like a barrier. Just like your skin, cuticles deserve your utmost attention. Besides manicure and pedicure, you must push cuticles when necessary. Though […]