How to Use Castor Oil for Eczema – 9 DIY Methods

castor oil for eczema

Inflamed red patches, blisters, and rough skin are common signs of eczema. Using castor oil for eczema helps to soothe these itchy patches. Apart from rigorous itching, eczema is accompanied by depression and social isolation. Words can’t explain the embarrassing feeling to scratch at public places. Fortunately, you can get relief from this restless itching […]

How to Use Black Seed Oil for Eczema? 5 DIY Recipes (No.#3 is Awesome)

black seed oil for eczema

There are a bunch of natural remedies that are ignored by modern science. Prominent for vitamins, amino acids, oils and minerals, black seed oil for eczema is an effective home remedy. You may wonder what this Nigella Sativia seed can do to combat chronic skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. Benefits of black seeds are […]

How to Use Flaxseed Oil for Eczema – (DIY Recipe No. 3 is Best)

flaxseed oil for eczema

Itching, scaly patches accompanied by inflammation are common signs of eczema. Here you’ll learn how to use flaxseed oil for eczema. Renowned for its numerous health and cosmetic benefits, flaxseed oil is an abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids. Experts say that alpha-linolenic acid residing in flaxseeds exhibit more anti-inflammatory property than fish oil. Apart […]

Use Lavender Oil for Eczema- The Only Essential Oil You’ll Need


Main cause of this chronic skin ailment isn’t known. Researchers hold genetics, food irritants, stress and other external factors to trigger eczema. You can’t completely cure eczema; however, using lavender oil for eczema you can reduce its symptoms. These dry itchy patches are annoying and ruin your physical appearance. Don’t worry you’re not alone; approximately […]