3 Ways to Remove Dry Skin From Legs

dry skin on legs

It is embarrassing to have dry flaky skin on legs. Though low humidity in air is the main cause of dry skin, there are other factors that may contribute to ruin your appearance, including your life style, age and medical conditions. Normally dry skin patches are accompanied by vigorous itching and inflammation. I’ll not ask […]

How to Get Rid Of Dead Skin On Lips

get rid of dead skin on lips

Dead skin on lips isn’t going to make it look gorgeous. Sensitive skin over lips turn dark due to few external factors like UV rays, allergens, excess smoking and hormonal imbalance. Dead skin over lips is common and every men and women will experience this in some point of their life. Good news is that […]

3 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Your Nose

Dry winds blowing in winter and harsh chemicals incorporated in creams and soaps stripe natural moisture from the skin leaving it dry and itchy. Though dry skin is not associated with any serious health issue, people try to get rid of dry skin on nose out of cosmetic concern. Naturally, your skin is surrounded by […]

Milk and Honey for Dry Skin on Your Nose

milk for dry skin on nose

Natural oils surrounding your skin protect it from infectious bacteria and virus. Few external or internal factors reap these natural moisturizing elements, leaving the skin dry and lifeless. Pricey cosmetic creams can hydrate your skin and help you get rid of itching, but chemicals incorporated in these creams may irritate your sensitive skin. Unlike artificial […]