Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Skin, Acne and Psoriasis

bentonite clay for skin

Skin being the largest organ of the body protects you from UV rays, dirt and infectious bacteria. Due to internal or external elements the skin loses natural moisture and the ability to guard your body. Now, it’s your turn to pay back, topically applying natural ingredients will nourish and hydrates the skin. Bentonite clay for […]

Kaolin Clay for Skin – What it is and How it Can Treat Acne?

kaolin clay for skin

Assorted properties of kaolin clay enticed cosmetic and other manufacturing industries to incorporate this natural ingredient into their pricey products. Kaolin clay uses are not just confined to skin, but it has been used to treat diarrhea and other health issues from centuries. Check out the ingredients over your tooth paste, soap, paper, light bulbs, […]

5 Popular Dead Sea Mud Mask Benefits

dead sea mud mask benefits

It’s said that Queen of Sheba was first to believe mystical healing benefits of Dead Sea mud. Though scientist fail to back this theory, various clinical researches carried out in different parts of the world conclude that high concentration of minerals in Dead Sea mud effectively improves skin tone. Dead Sea is flanked by Jordan, […]