How to Remove Hair From Upper Lip Permanently – 12 Home Remedies

how to remove hair from upper lip permanently

It’s very unsettling to have a mustache like hair on the upper lip. Hereditary and hormones are held responsible for this development. Here you’ll learn how to remove hair from upper lip permanently. The concept of masculinity and femininity has seen many changes in recent decades, but one thing stays unchanged till today, that is […]

How to Lighten Dark Knuckles and Toes – 9 DIY Recipes

how to lighten dark knuckles on toes and hands

Impurities aren’t the mere cause of dark knuckles; dermatologists hold ailments, dry skin, and obesity for these sinister patches. So, how to lighten dark knuckles on toes and hands? Experts say that scrubbing along can’t help to clear black knuckles. Along with exfoliating, you must pamper hands and feet just like you do for your […]

Glycerin and Rosewater for Face, Skin Lightening and Acne – 12 DIY Recipes

glycerin and rosewater for face

Glycerin and rosewater are prominent for hydrating and healing abilities. These innate lock moisture over the outer layer of the skin. Due to its versatile nature, it easily gets absorbed by your skin. According to humectants like glycerin, lecithin and rosewater attract water to the skin. (1) Enticing properties residing in these two ingredients allured […]

How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp Without Washing Hair – 5 DIY Recipes

how to get rid of itchy scalp without washing hair

It’s normal to the scratch head while answering or thinking crucial things. But, there are many people who experience persistent itching because of various factors including the dry scalp, skin ailments, and weather. Washing your scalp may seem as an ultimate solution for this problem. But can it restrain itching? No. So, how to get […]

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Lips – 9 DIY Recipes Included

how to get rid of dark spots on lips fast

Vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes, licking lips, excess exposure to sunlight, smoking and certain foods causes dark spots on lips. Pigmented lips ruin your physical appearance and to hide them, most people use chemical incorporated lipsticks, which can irritate your sensitive skin around lips. So, how to get rid of dark spots on lips fast? Luckily, […]