Different Types of Moles That You Must Know

dysplestic nevus

Moles generally are not dangerous but they ruin your appearance. Identifying the type of mole will let you understand about the risks associated with it. Though moles look benign they may cause skin cancer in long run. You may think that this small brown or black cluster on your body will do nothing and there […]

Risks of Mole Removal

risks of mole removal

Either for cosmetic or health reasons mole removal is associated with risk. A small brown or black cluster on the skin is called mole, this can appear on any part of the body. In some people it may ruin their appearance, so they try to remove this unsightly substance off their body. If you’ve patience […]

How to Treat Chemical Burns at Home

how to treat chemical burn

You shouldn’t rely on one single remedy for treating chemical burns. Different chemicals have different reactions and it must be treated accordingly. Else you may end-up with counter reaction. Causes of chemical burns include tile cleanser, battery acid, cement and gasoline. Depending on the chemical, small blisters may rise on the affected area. Immediate first […]

10 Herbal Remedies for Body Odor

herbs for body odor

The unpleasant smell you get from your body is not because of sweat. According to Mayoclinic.org sweat is odorless. So why do you get foul smell after sweating? Our body has sweat glands which secrete sweat when body temperature rises. When you don’t take bath or wash your body, bacteria gets accumulated on sweat to […]

25 Easily Digested Foods and 5 Difficult Ones

salmon for easy digestion

Do you’ve gastric, diarrhoea or constipation problem? Then your digestive system has to be blamed. Sorry, you need to be blamed for taking food that is tough for your digestive system to handle. Your overall health depends on functioning of your digestive system. As we seldom do any physical work, it becomes very tough for digestive […]

Cortisone Cream for Treating Acne

cortisone cream for acne

As you may know acne causes because of excess sebum production which gets clogged with bacteria and dead skin cells. Often acne blemishes are painful and may sometimes cause itching. There are many home remedies and medical treatments to cure acne; cortisone cream is one of the effective topical creams. Cortisone cream is a topical […]

How to Make Black Tea

how to make black tea

Let me clear you, there is no ONE recipe to make black tea and you don’t have to master chief, it’s simple to brew black tea. Tea is a natural antioxidant, which helps to improve your health. Ingredients Tea powder Water Tea pot Kettle Sugar Honey, milk & lemon (optional) Also read: Milk and Acne […]