Vitamin C for Skin Whitening – 3 Ways to Use


In this article I’ll discuss about benefits of vitamin C for skin whitening and how to make your own vitamin C serum at home. It’s a natural human desire to look good, and healthy skin is the best costume to wear on every occasion. But, due to increasing pollution, impurities and chemical creams, skin loses […]

Green Tea for Eczema – 3 Excellent Recipes


I don’t claim that green tea is the only solution, but as it’s easy to make a tea why don’t you try green tea for eczema. Read to know its benefits. It starts with a small scratch and every part of the body starts itching. I went through that annoying situation, not just inflamed skin; […]

Grapeseed Oil for Psoriasis – 3 Effective Recipes


Being the largest organ, skin needs your attention. Grapeseed oil for psoriasis is a natural remedy that can’t be ignored. You’re not alone, according to official reports approximately 7.5 million people in USA are affected with psoriasis. Its main cause is unknown, however immune system and genetics are held responsible for psoriasis. Dry and scaly […]

Emu Oil for Stretch Marks – One Effective Remedy


Emu oil penetrates into the skin and its nutrients properties reduce inflammation, heal wounds and lighten the appearance of stretch marks. First time I heard about Emu bird when my cousin discussed about its demand in the market. After inquiring I came to know that its oil has extensive use in medical filed. In this […]

Pumpkin for Skin Whitening – 3 Awesome Recipes


With the fall of autumn, you see pumpkins everywhere including online. Though most of them use it for design, pumpkin for skin whitening can enhance your skin texture and restrain infection. Essential vitamins and nutrients, which your skin needs, are housed in this big sized vegetable. Everyone yearns to have alluring and glowing face. With […]

Bearberry Extract for Skin Lightening


Bearberry extract became cosmetic industry’s darling ingredient when Dr.Oz unveiled its benefits to fade aging wrinkles. Many experts support bearberry extract for skin lightening. This natural remedy is renowned for treating urinary tract infection and illness. Its antiseptic and antioxidant activities are beneficial for skin as well. What are Benefits of Bearberry Extract? Many beauty […]

Pumpkin Face Mask for Acne

pumpkin face mask for acne

As Halloween season fall, pumpkins pops-up everywhere. But most of you aren’t aware of its beauty benefits. Homemade pumpkin face mask for acne is an effective remedy, which can improve overall healthy functioning of the skin. Moisturizing and nourishing activity of this face mask can hydrate the skin and clear dead cells piled over it. […]