Carrot Face Mask for Skin Whitening

carrot face mask for skin whitening

Why I want you to make your own homemade carrot face mask when you can get an instant facial treatment at a beauty spa? The beauty here is you can blend other innate ingredients to the mask according to your skin needs. Every man has his own taste. Likewise, for healthy functioning, different skin types […]

Benefits of Cinnamon for Pimples/Acne

cinnamon for pimples-acne

Pimples/Acne breakouts occur due to inflammation and excess production of sebum. Increasing levels of hormones in teenagers stimulate over production of oil by sebaceous gland, because it is sensitive to hormonal reaction. Apart from hormonal imbalance, other factors like hereditary, chemical filled cosmetics, drugs and smoking can cause pimples. Acne is the most common skin […]

Turmeric for Stretch Marks

turmeric saffron for stretch marks

Ancient people in India are aware of the exceptional benefits of turmeric powder, may be this is why traditionally brides and grooms in India are applied turmeric paste as a marriage ritual. Not only on marriage occasions, women in India, apply turmeric paste before bathing. I still remember my admired English ma’am; she used to […]

Turmeric Honey Mask for Glowing Skin

Don’t expect a glowing skin right after getting up from a dream. You must wash the alarming levels of pollution and impurities accumulated over your face using innate ingredients like turmeric honey mask. When I say about face wash, immediately you might think about pricey cosmetic products. Though you can expect instant results, chemical ingredients […]

Tea Tree Oil for Genital, Facial and Flat Warts

tea tree oil for warts

Though toads appear warty they don’t cause warts. It’s a myth! These rough bumps over the skin are caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV), which stimulates fast growing of keratin. Unlike moles warts are small and are identical to skin’s color. There are a bunch of natural wart removal methods based on […]