Aloe Vera for Warts – A Home Available Remedy


About 40% people around the world are affected by HPV, which causes warts. In this article you’ll know how to use aloe vera for warts. Healing benefits of aloe vera are prominent and needs no explanation. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities can effectively treat warts. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is ubiquitous virus that can be found […]

15 Health Benefits of Ragi and Homemade Ragi Facial


Before rice, ancient people mostly used grains, which are packed with high levels of nutrients. It’s really interesting to unleash health benefits of ragi. With my questing nature, once I asked my granny about her childhood. What caught my attention is the eating habit. Her diet includes nutritious food like ragi malt and bajra. Yes, […]

DIY Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub


Sugar and honey lip scrub is an excellent home available remedy, which wipes dead cells and restores smooth skin over your lips. Chapped, dry and peeling skin over lips doesn’t do any favor. Along with your skin, lips suffer in chilly months. Like you nourish the skin with moisturizers, lips too need natural ingredients. Wonder! […]

Vitamin A for Skin Pigmentation


Skin discoloration is a cosmetic issue, which can lead to depression. Read this article to know how to use vitamin A for skin pigmentation. We all studied about melanin in our school days. It is the pigment responsible for our skin color. Apart from color, it actually helps to protect your skin from UV rays. […]

Bio Oil for Wrinkles – How to Use


Wrinkles are a sign of wisdom. Not anymore. Though fine lines are part of aging and you can’t stop them, we all try to minimize them. Fortunately, there some exceptional over-the-counter products like bio oil for wrinkles. What Causes Wrinkles and Sagging Skin? Not just aging, there are several factors for wrinkles. Sun exposure, weight […]