Rice Water for Skin Whitening

I know you yearn to have a glowing skin. Stop visiting beauty spas to fulfill your desire. You can achieve a fairer flawless skin at home. Rice water for skin whitening is an inexpensive and effective remedy to enhance your natural beauty. I adore natural skin care remedies, as they have more nutritional value and […]

Rice Flour for Skin Whitening – How it Works?

rice flour for skin whitening

Everyone yearns to have a glowing spotless skin, but only few of them really work for it. Are you among them? Use rice flour for skin whitening and to boost your confidence. People in South India use rice flour extensively to make different food items. We can’t expect festivals and traditional occasions without rice flour. […]

Tangerine Oil for Cellulite

tangerine to fight cellulite

Cellulite is the most common skin disorder in women and men, which is caused due to fat deposits. Tangerine oil for cellulite is an inexpensive yet effective home remedy recommended by many beauty bloggers. 90% of women experience cellulite at some point of her life. Hips and thighs are most common spots where cellulite appears. […]

Use Lavender Oil for Stretch Marks

lavender oil for stretch marks

Stretch marks can’t be prevented permanently and there is no cream or remedy to fade them completely. Lavender oil for stretch marks can help you lighten the appearance of these annoying lines and enhance healthy functioning of the skin. Sudden weight gain or loss results in stretch marks. They may look ugly and sometimes embarrassing, […]

Honey Oatmeal Face Scrub

It was excellent when I started having oats as breakfast. Though I felt hungry before lunch time, it helped me to get rid of drowsiness. We all knew about the health benefits it provides, but very few among us know that oatmeal can enhance healthy functioning of the skin. Blend it with any natural ingredient […]

Using Cucumber Face Mask for Acne

Cucumbers are filled with enough water that it can hydrate your body internally and topically. To hydrate my body I regularly munch sliced cucumbers and off-course I place these cool pieces over my eyes. It relaxes my strained eyes. Not just this, nutrients like thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, folic acid and calcium enhance […]

Sandalwood for Skin Whitening – 3 Simple Recipes

Stop visiting expensive salons and start applying sandalwood for skin whitening and to control ailments. Unlike other home remedies sandalwood has prominent importance in religious programs. You’re going to love its aromatic fragrance. Skin whitening normally refers to a process of reducing melanin concentration over the skin to make it look bright. Normally, people prefer […]