3 DIY Egg Yolk Face Mask

egg yolk face mask

Eggs are packed with chock-full of nutrients. Whatever the form you consume it, you’re served with proteins and vitamins. Most of us avoid egg yolk because of its calorie content; however you can reap the benefits of egg yolk for skin by applying topically. According to Wikipedia.org yolk makes up 33% of liquid weight of […]

How to Apply a Face Mask

how to apply a face mask

Face masks are formulated to relax and boost skin care regimen. Intense benefits of applying a facial include deep cleansing, moisturizing skin, annihilate acne causing bacteria and shedding dead skin cells. According to h2oplus.com face mask fall into 3 main types mud or clay masks, peel masks and gel or cream masks, and they have […]

3 DIY Egg White Face Mask Recipes

egg white face mask

  It’s a public fact that eggs have a lot of proteins to nourish your body when consumed; also these proteins are great for your skin. To reap the benefits of egg, use egg white topically on your skin, proteins in egg white tightens your skin and restrains bacterial growth. An enzyme called lysozyme present […]

Lemon Juice for Removing Acne Scars

lemon juice for acne scars

Can lemon juice remove acne scars? A straight forward answer would be, no. According to Livestrong.com there is no remedy to remove scars. So why the heck all the blogs over the web recommend home remedies for acne scars? Though you can’t completely remove a scar, you can fade them using lemon juice. However, you […]

25 Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin and Face

benefits of coconut oil for skin

Though many health organizations avoid consuming excess coconut oil because of its high saturated fats, topical application of coconut oil has fascinating benefits for skin. While we use pricey creams to soothe our skin, people in tropical regions use this edible oil to save their skin from harmful sun rays. Its application is not confined […]

10 Benefits of Multani Mitti for Skin

benefits of multani mitti for skin

Though Indians and Pakistanis can reach pricey modern face masks available in local stores, most of them opt to go for traditional homemade face pack. Multani mitti is native to these areas and it got the name from Multan, a place in Pakistan. Multani mitti is nothing but it just represents clay, which has abundant […]

5 Benefits of Lemon Tea for Skin

benefits of lemon tea for skin

Benefits of this Asian native citrus fruit are not confined to culinary purpose; it can be used as an energy drink and also as a cleanser. Both lemon juice and zest has a bunch of benefits for your skin and health. Same benefits are transferred to lemon tea, reason is simple, and it has lemon […]