Benefits of Red Sandalwood for Skin – (9 DIY Face Pack Recipes Included)

Also known as Rakta Chandan, red sandalwood powder has cosmetic and medicinal properties. Today, I’ll discuss about benefits of red sandalwood for skin. This natural ingredient is extracted from the heartwood (center of the trunk) of red sandalwood tree. Due to its exceptional properties, you can either consume it mixed with milk or topically apply […]

10 Uses of Glycerin and Lemon Juice for Face and Skin Whitening

glycerin and lemon jucie for face

Enticing moisturizing and healing properties of glycerin compelled cosmetic industries to incorporate it into their skin care and body lotions. Unlike other natural remedies, glycerin attracts moisture to your skin. Your skin secrets natural oil to keep itself hydrated, when the skin fails to maintain moisture, dry itchy patches appears. An external moisturizer like glycerin […]

White Vinegar for Skin Whitening – 3 Simple Recipes


People who love natural remedies extol benefits of white vinegar for skin whitening. Do you really think it improves your skin complexion? Read this article to know. I know you’re not here to play a puzzle game. So let me disclose that you can topically use white vinegar mask for improved complexion. Like cosmetic companies, […]

Flaxseed Oil for Psoriasis – An Effective Home Remedy


Dry scaly patches with inflamed swollen bumps are seen over different parts of the body in psoriasis affected people. In this article you’ll learn how to use flaxseed oil for psoriasis. Though there are many medicines and home remedies to treat psoriasis, experts say you can’t treat this chronic skin ailment permanently. Don’t worry; you […]

Jojoba Oil for Acne – 3 Awesome Home Remedies


In US alone 50 million people are affected by acne annually. Cosmetic industries has been cashing on this huge opportunity with their chemical included creams. In this article I’ll share a natural remedy, jojoba oil for acne. Jojoba oil is a liquid wax extracted from the jojoba plant. Properties of this liquid wax are identical […]