7 Awesome Health Benefits of Alfalfa

alfalfa sprout health benefits

Seeing its exceptional nutrients, Arabs used this herb to feed their horses and they claim that it made animals swift and strong. The name Alfalfa is originated from Arabic name Al-fal-fa, mean father of all foods. Wonder! How can a livestock feed help you improve your health? (Continue reading this article, to find out health […]

Oatmeal Mask for Skin Whitening

tomato puree for making scrub

Beauty is in the skin. Being the largest organ skin is exposed to sunlight, pollution, dust, insects and other external factors. Internally low nutritional diet, less water intake and allergy triggering food will ruin your skin’s functionality. If you’re thinking that a regular spa visit can help you out, am afraid you’re wrong. Chemical filled […]

3 Ways to Use Jojoba Oil for Skin Lightening

Natural Do-It-Yourself beauty tips are way better at treating skin disorders than your chemical filled creams. Excellent thing is that, they all are cheap and mostly available at home. Jojoba oil is extracted from seeds of jojoba plant. It’s ho-ho-ba not jo-jo-ba. Actually jojoba oil is not oil; technically it’s a liquid wax that resembles […]

Use Honey for Stretch Marks

honey and oatmeal for skin whitening

Though few campaigns are trying hard to make you love these annoying stretch marks, it’s quite embarrassing to have red or white stripes around your waist, shoulders, on elbows and knees. They aren’t associated with any serious health issue; anyhow people out of cosmetic concern try to get rid of stretch marks. I really admire […]

Use Olive Oil for Skin Whitening

olive oil for face whitening

Olive oil is not just another vegetable oil that you use for culinary purpose. Olive oil is mentioned in The Holy Qur’an in many verses; by this you can estimate the remarkable benefits and superiority of this oil. Since centuries olive oil has been used to treat various health issues and skin ailments. Mediterranean women […]